Many people want to create an app. Most of these, however, do not know how to handle this exactly and they never take action. And that’s a shame! Creating apps does not have to be difficult. Of course there are methods that are quite complex, but there are ways you can pretty simply build an inexpensive application. But how can you develop an app?

To get your answer, we have written this guide. Using this guide will help you make an app in different ways for all major operating systems such as Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows.

It all starts with an idea

Developing an application starts with coming up with a good idea. There is little talk about this step, which is actually very strange. This is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in building apps. There are numerous apps to download. Your app must be distinct and preferably stand out, so that people want to use your application. Without a good idea, it is difficult to make an app successful! Have you figured out what app you want to make? If you have no idea yet, first you have think of one. If you already have an idea, it is now time to ‘check’ whether this is a good idea.

Is this an application that people really would like to use? Investigate and you can get an answer to this question. For example, search if similar apps exist. If these applications are quite popular, then you already know that there is interest. Talk to others about your idea and see if they also agree. Ask what they think about your idea. The responses you get can give you a good picture.

Develop your idea

Are you convinced that you have a good idea? Then it’s time to develop the idea. Grab a pen and paper and write about how the app should work exactly.

Just write down everything that comes to mind. Did you for example already thought of a name for the application? Write it down. On which platform (Android, iOS or Windows) you want to make an app? Do you want to make money with the app? In short, put all this in writing.

Once you’ve written down everything in detail, we advise you to sketch the layout. How would you like the layout to look like? You must have an idea of ​​how the application look and feel. Make sure you draw every screen.

Now you’re well prepared and we can start making the app.

The three ways to create an app

As you probably know, there are several ways you can now create your own app. Whichever method you choose depends largely on the time and money you want to put in. In addition, the one way is also harder than the other. Our advice is therefore for you to read all methods first and only then make a choice.

1. Getting Started with Programming

The method that is the most obvious, is to program your own app. All apps are created by means of programming languages. Real app developers program their applications.

However this is not easy, because app developers have previously attended a course or training. This is not something that you’ve mastered within a few days.

If you want to be a programmer, you would best attend an (online) course.

Keep in mind that there is another programming language for almost any operating system. For example, apps for Android made with different programming than the iOS apps (iPhone and iPad). You will have to choose on which platform you want to develop your application.

You can also choose to create a web app. This is an application that is accessed over the internet and this is usually programmed in the HTML5 language. The advantage of web applications is that there is only one programming language needed to make them work properly on all platforms. Web apps, however, can not be put in all app stores.

2. Using an app maker

The easiest way to develop your own app, is to use an app maker. This is a website that allows you to build online applications in several steps.

The great advantage of these tools is that they are very easy to use. Follow the steps on the screen and then you’ve made your own application.

However, there are also disadvantages. The biggest drawback is that the apps you can build sometimes look a bit amateurish. In addition, you will also have to pay a monthly subscription off around $ 30. This of course varies by site, but often the price is around 30 dollars. On an annual basis, you will have to pay around $ 360. And that’s quite a lot of money!

Most tools also provide in addition to paid accounts often a free account, but generally it offers to little. Often you have to deal with many restrictions, such as a limit on the number of downloads.

3. Let’s produce an app

Would you rather have your app done? That is also possible. You will go with your idea to an app developer, and they do all the technical work for you.

Some people think they have to do nothing if they let develop the app. That is not the case! You will have to fully and clearly explain your idea from scratch. The app developer is hired to convert your idea into an application.

An app developer can surely can offer you advice on certain matters.

For the making of an application you need a budget. Prices are above between a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The price is, among other things, depending on the type of application, number of functions and designs.

And then?

Once you have created an application, you are not ready. Than it actually begins. You must now publish the app in the app store and get involved in marketing.

Creating an app is only part of the puzzle. After that, the application has yet to be published in the app store and you have to deal with the marketing. Without the proper promotion the success rate will be very small.

Subscribing to the app store

Publishing an application in the app store works differently for each platform. So is signing up for the app store from Apple very different from Google Play. There are different requirements in each store you have to meet before your app is published, and there are costs associated with the registration of an application in the app store.

This article will become too long, if we would explain publication for each store works and therefore please use the links to the different manuals for each relevant app store. Click on the links for more information about signing up for Google Play, Apple’s App Store or Windows.

If you a third party programs your app, you can also ask the app developer to help you with the registration of the application to the relevant app store!

Begin to promote

Is your application in the app store? Then now is the time to deal with marketing. Only promotion can actually ensure that many people will download your app. Without promotion, there is little chance of success. So go here to get started.

It is also highly advisable to order the Guide “App Store Optimization” of and read. Here you will find a lot of useful tips to make your App easy to find in the App store.

It is not that difficult is it?

As you can see, to make an app does not create an impossible task. You too can do this and we hope that through our website you will succeed. If you still need more guidance in making an app, look at both of the offered courses.